Vegetarian Platter Package – Salad Days
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Vegetarian Platter Package

£9.95 per person

Package with 5 boxes of vegetarian Salad & A Pudding box of your choice

  • Platter 1 - Minted Pea Feta Frittata, with Roasted Butternut Squash & topped with Pea Shoots (V) (GF) (NF)
  • Platter 2 - Beetroot Fritter, Homemade Spiced Fritters served with Maché, Dressing Pots & Seeds. (V) (NF) (GF)
  • Platter 3 - Soy & Honey marinaded Tofu with Black Sesame Seeds, Red Chilli, Bean Spouts & a Salad Garnish  (V) (NF) (GF)
  • Platter 4 - Roasted Butternut Squash & Blueberry Salad with Dressing Pots (V) (DF) (NF) (GF)
  • Platter 5 - Ricotta, Watercress & Rocket Platter Salad. With Cherry Tomatoes & Wedges of Lemon & Olive Oil Dressing (V) (GF)
  • Platter 6 - A Pudding of your choice! Pick one of the following:
    • Dark Chocolate Brownie (V) (NF)
    • White Chocolate & Jumbo Oats Flapjacks  (V) (NF)
    • Almond Lemon Polenta Cake  (GF) (DF) (V)

℮ 298 Kcal

Nutritional information excluding pudding 

Minimum Order 5 people. Price is shown per person. 

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