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At Salad Days we aim high & create quality balanced food from our East London Delivery Hub & deliver it all over London. 

When our founders Andrew Swiney & Mark Prové first thought up Salad Days the idea was simple. They wanted good food to be available where there was none. To them there seemed to be no excuse. In 2009 good balanced food should be always around the corner, no matter if you're in an office, city or even a music festival! 

They thought meals should be a relax affair, giving you the opportunity to take 5 minutes off. Not a full sit down dinner, but 5 minutes to grab something to eat & have a chance to chat & share food with friends & colleagues. 5 minutes to relax and enjoy what you are eating. (Its also important to remember that these ideals were thought up by a couple of teenagers who had no idea of reality, or even the idea of a job.)

That said some of the ramblings worked. And today Salad Days is all about eating well, not all salads, just good balanced  food. Our meats are generally grilled or roasted for most favour & our salads are based on seasonal, well prepared and chosen produce that fills you up & keeps you going all day long! Our product range is built for everyone, so in each package there’s something for veggies, vegans, coeliacs & meat eaters.

Having created a large range of packages which can be shared with the whole office & also a collection of individual products which are great for just grabbing and going.

For more information on Salad Days or to join our team please contact us here