Mixed Doorstep Sandwich Platter
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Mixed Doorstep Sandwich Platter


Doorstep Sandwich Platter

Rustic doorstep sandwiches with loads of bold fillings (meat or veggie)! Great to feed around 5 people. 

Sounds good, what do I get?

-Paper thin pastrami, Swiss Emmental & pickled gherkin on fresh thick-cut white bread

-British smoked ham, cheddar, thick pickle on a chunky malted bread 

-Roasted chicken, Spanish chorizo & vine tomato with mixed leaves on fresh thick-cut white bread

-Spicy chicken with healthy green spinach on fresh thick-cut white bread

-Smoked streaky bacon, romaine lettuce, vine tomato & light mayo on a rustic malted bread 

Ready to eat in a Platter Box made from sustainably sourced paperboard with plant-based PLA window, certified 100% compostable. If you aren't eating straight away, we recommend storing in a fridge below 5°c. 

Price is shown per platter. 

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