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Sharing Food

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Just the other week we had a Pop-Up at WeWork Devonshire Square and shared our product with some lovely people. We had a delightful afternoon and were overwhelmed with the joy of sharing our products - because they are for sharing with your amazing colleagues.


People loving shared food


Have you ever been in the situation where you were thinking "Hmm, your food looks just amazing, I wish I had ordered that?" Well, you are probably not the first person. We have noticed that a lot of restaurants are now making the portions smaller or bigger so you can share. Let's see, for example (maybe not the one you would expect) the family bucket of KFC is so big you could share it with everyone. We, on the other hand, would choose the pizza from Homeslice or some buns from Bao. But then again we have the perfect platters for sharing and they are a healthier option, don't you think?


Another thing we are thinking about is that sharing food during breakfast or lunch is something everyone can benefit from. More and more people don't have the time to bring their own lunch. Think about the co-worker that is sitting on a desk all by him/herself with their headphones on. Don't you think it would be a nice concept to create a sharing lunch break so your colleagues don't have to stress out ever again? If you don't believe us, you should read this article about how workplace meals improve productivity by Business News Daily.

You know what they say... Sharing is Caring.

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