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Feed the mind

Feed The Mind

Did you know that mental health problems cost companies up to £42bn a year?  Depression, anxiety and stress are up there as top reasons that employees call in sick, but did you know that you can help?  Good nutrition can boost moods and have a positive effect on mental wellbeing.

Help your team stay happy and healthy by providing them a nourishing lunch, you’ll be praised for boosting moral as well as supporting the office’s health and wellbeing.


Order with Salad Days and impress your employees with our tantalising selection on offer.  Choose our rustic baguette platter and enjoy the different fillings; roast chicken & Spanish chorizo, smokey bacon, romaine lettuce & vine tomato baguette or French brie, grape & cranberry.  

Fancy a bigger platter for the team to share, then why not try our halloumi cakes & tomato salad suitable for ten people.  This delightful dish is handmade with grated carrot, courgette fresh chilli, ginger & garlic - the perfect side to any main.

If you want to improve the general mood to your team, then start with the simplest way possible - food.  A happy and healthy workforce is a productive workforce.

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